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The event will be attended by more than 1,000 television and news media industry executives, news and documentary producers and journalists. “Those who are too much on the internet, lose the world,” Werner Herzog once tweeted At least, I think it was Herzog. An AI simulacrum that had analysed the director’s diction and tone, then formulated tweets that seemed like they were written by him?

The account has been inactive since December 2010, he’s tweeted only four times in two years. That would explain the long gap between posts, the grandiose (if potted) philosophy and the jumbled syntax.

Es lässt sich trefflich auf Werner Herzogs "Königin der Wüste" herumhacken: Aus einer Frau, die ihrer Zeit um mindestens ein Jahrhundert voraus war, hat er eine Frau gemacht, die von einer unglücklichen Liebe in die nächste taumelt - fast als wären alle ihre Abenteuer nur Ablenkung davon, dass sie nicht den Richtigen gefunden hat.

One of those tweets declared an ambition to shoot a 3D porno. Werner Herzog: 50 years of potent, inspiring, disturbing films What’s real? It’s easy to get lost down the rabbit hole with Herzog.

His documentaries – Grizzly Man, Little Dieter Needs to Fly, Cave of Forgotten Dreams – have always slipped on the line between fiction and reality.

The first trailer for the film highlights how far we’ve come – and how quickly.

In an archive clip, a TV reporter introduces a radical new idea: using a computer to read the newspaper.

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"Eine Frau nimmt den Eingang auf der Frauenseite", so Herzog mit Blick auf Gertrude Bell.

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