Ty pennington dating andrea bock

We hardly know, what the devil is going on in Ty Pennington’s life.

The American television host, artist and carpenter, was hugely popular as the host of ABC’s former hit show ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’.

Bock being his manager was responsible for everything he does but his behavior left her heartbroken.

The incident with the stripper added more fuel to their already crumbling relationship.

They claim that the television personality is still with his girlfriend and they are planning to turn their love into marriage.

While on the other hand, there are those who claim that the couple has indeed separated and the reason behind it was not just his alleged perversion.

The couple answered, “Not married, but we’re still together.

We’re definitely a team.”Andrea stated, "We don't need to get married.

Back in 2008, the couple revealed that they had been together since 11 years. There have been several rumors regarding the couple’s relationship.The scandalous rumor outraged his fans and it was believed that Pennington’s manager girlfriend broke up their decade long relationship with him.There are countless people who hardly believe in any of the tittle-tattle about the Ty’s cheating and his split with his lover.Back in 2008, it was said that the famous carpenter was found cheating on Bock with a stripper.Many online bloggers and entertainment sites claimed that the man was caught hooking up with a striptease dancer.

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