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We are aware that we all have to keep the same pace in our efforts to sustain the alert dynamics of the IT market and we are determined to support your growth.

This field is marked by the highest number of translated pages, the highest number of translators and proofreaders and the most DTP documents and support services.

Quality is not random; it is the outcome of implementing and maintaining procedures and milestones, standardising the workflows subject to error and using creativity right where it belongs.

It is of outmost importance to communicate, to understand your requirements and objectives, to be given feedback, to receive suggestions, ideas and even criticism, as this is the only way to succeed in the business world of tomorrow.

The translation of the internal guidelines or regulations of multinationals in all the languages of its subsidiaries is part of our daily job, as well as learning aids, CVs, interviews or employment agreements. marketing and communication, together with literary translations are probably the cup of tea of any good translator, since they involve creativity and the most pronounced personal touch.

Talent, experience, a versatile vocabulary and teamwork are the most important elements for these translations, and we believe we have them all.

Another factor for success is the collaboration and ongoing communication with the customer to establish the project-related details, the target audience of the translated text, the register and style of the language, the terminology, format or expected delivery date.

We provide certified translations of notarised or administrative documents for human resources departments and companies, we translate contracts from various areas of activity for corporate legal departments, constitutional documents, banking legislation, EU legislation and we provide interpreting services at national conferences for legal professionals.If communication is the engine of modern society, localization is the key to success, and we, the Translators, provide support services to identify the best means of communication with your customers and business partners.TRANSLATOR srl provides translation and localization services to IT companies, which ensure the communication across multiple languages of user manuals, software interfaces, customer management programs (ERP/CRM), websites and operating systems, e-learning and multimedia, applications, tutorials, antivirus software, marketing and brand management.It is therefore our pleasure to help you convey your ideas in the most vibrating, colourful and creative way, in order to achieve your business goals. In a progressive society quality is a lifestyle and the only viable way for us.We follow the ISO 17100, LISA QA and ISO 9001 standards.

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