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In this episode the fan service pays out & we make out with Erik to replenish his magical energy of course. Editor: https:// X-8Fwhg F_9k8s BIecoaz ATwitter: NChips A barren wasteland: https://

Kissing Erik was so good that we forgot how to breathe and we died, JUST KIDDING. I hope you enjoyed the video & if you did please leave a like and/or comment. id=100013301027223Hey there my Dudes this my newest video just started a new series of playthroughs i'm going to playthrough all of Aragami!

"Your only small relief from all of this is fashion.

That is, until the day that "Leo," the up-and-coming fashion brand designer, suddenly appears in front of you.

It's cold.' So now I'm trying to explain to rescue dog that other dog doesn't want to come inside. He has very thin fur and doesn't like to be out in the cold, but my other dog loves running around in the cold. Back in May I got to join the band Community Center in building and populating a bohemian vagrant camp in the woods while they shot their latest music video- now YOU TOO can know a smidgen of how much fun that was.ALSO I've been playing their latest album on loop for weeks and you all should give it a listen.But we literally PASS OUT from the steamy events with Erik. This is a live commentary video with walkthoughs, inside info on the game, and bad theater!Hope you guys enjoy this is the first video of this series it would be a big help if anyone could view the video and give me some feedback I worked very hard this video itself took about 15 hours to make had some trouble with my capture card lol Thanks guys!

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