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I'm sure you'll be eager to know what your job here will entail. Mister Barker has the other final grade and I'm sure he will be happy to fill you in on everything you need to know. Or I really should say House Mistress in these gender conscious times." They shared a quick smile. You will share responsibility for Aspinall House, which is home to all 35 final graders with Mister Barker and two other teachers. As it is, every teacher is expected to be on duty about twice a week. And we always have a staff dinner the night before the start of term.

He made no attempt to take Anne's suitcase and once outside slowed down until he was walking next to Anne and openly stared at her breasts. If she made a fuss every time men stared at her breasts, she would have time for nothing else. You can wait till you grow roots, Anne thought and went to the boot to drop her small suitcase in. He got in on the other side and immediately pushed his seat all the way back. You may leave now."Before Anne could make any reply he turned away and made his way back to the school. Hardly arrived and she already had a problem student.Your predecessor, being married, had a house in the village and maintained only a small bedroom, hardly more than a broom cupboard, to be honest, here for his duty nights."The headmaster raised a hand. As you drove up to the house, you may have seen a small cottage on the left among the trees. The problem is that the only room you could stay in during duty nights is on the boys' side. "But I'm sure you'll be more than capable of providing that.I have already made it clear to the boys that they will have to be decent in the hallway to and from the bathrooms. He's in your class."A couple of minutes later a knock on the door interrupted them and a dark-haired, good-looking young man entered smiling somewhat sardonically.Since there was obviously no room for a study a desk had been placed under a window. It looked slightly overgrown, but she with a bit of gardening on a couple of weekends she would have a wonderful and very private retreat.The only two doors led to a well-appointed shower room and toilet and the only bedroom. It would more than compensate for spending a couple of night per week in some broom closet overseeing the students.

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