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I'll spare you the details, but the 5,000 view threshold is actually necessary, or your entire Share Point would be slowed down.It prevents SQL from locking the entire database, really.Now users can click on “Follow” both On-Premises and on their Office 365 and see them all in one place under the “Sites” app in the App Launcher.The wizard to configure either of the simple scenarios above work very well, as long as you follow the requirements.

Put simply, the Office 365 Search will take your On-Premises Share Point Search Index so that it can give you results from both for the same query.You should know that you'll have to use the Office 365 Search for this to work.If Share Point 2016 On-Premises users query against their On-Premises Search service, it'll continue to only give them local results only.Otherwise, end users will very likely get disconnected, or get a time out while uploading large files.By using a template, they're now able to create Site Collections in 1 second.

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