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Her pouty, sulky, mannequin expression never changes whether she is in the throes of all-enveloping lust or threatened with imminent death. After this and the Transformers movies, she's got to be in the running.

Verdict: Devilishly dull Rating: Following in the over-familiar footsteps of The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity, The Last Exorcism is another cheap horror film dressed up like a documentary.

This framing has followed Fox everywhere and has allowed every statement she’s made, good or bad, to be viewed within the veil of “all you are is a sex object; your opinions do not matter.” Megan Fox, because of , became known as eye-candy-only, and the fact that Fox felt that her best way to be a role-model for young girls was to be comfortable with her sexuality led the public to believe that, just like Mikaela, her sexuality was them and not an extension of her own opinions or values. The entire interview is a mess, with the author clearly fanboying Fox throughout.Framing Megan Fox Like many people, I was first actively exposed to Fox in her first before), and I was smitten.I was fifteen, and I thought she was the most gorgeous woman in the world, next to my girl Angelina Jolie (someone Fox was often compared to).Fox has put her foot in her mouth at times—her comments about her bisexuality were messy—but considering we have had celebrities say and do MH: WELL, I WONDER: DOES BEING A BETTER ACTOR MATTER IF YOU’RE JUST REALLY HOT? Not to Michael Bay because those are literally his directions sometimes. So there’s never a day you wake up and think, “I really did it today. MH: HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT MICHAEL BAY TELLING YOU TO BE HOT? Because she was 15 and too young to drink at the bar, the “solution” was “to then have me dancing underneath a waterfall getting soaking wet. From 2010 to 2013, she was in films, but nothing exciting. Why did no other director see her and think, “Hmm maybe she needs her article from November 2009, by Lynn Hirschberg, contained this comment about the lack of ticket sales for Jennifer’s Body: “… Neither did women, who tend to prefer movies that feature more approachable, less vixenish actresses, like Sandra Bullock or Jennifer Aniston.” [Emphasis mine.] We may not like to admit it, but in feminist circles, especially back then, respectability politics were rampant.MF: All of us who are working right now, we all do the same shit, it’s just part of how you sell yourself. In fact, the biggest thing she did in those years was the “Love the Way You Lie,” Eminem ft. In 2009, Fox’s loud, queer, and (awesomely) unapologetic attitude were seen to play into the male gaze because of how she looked.

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