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-- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Communism is Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country.

-- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Fascism is capitalism in decay.

"To argue that people ought to be able to choose their own risks…" says former FDA commissioner David Kessler, "is to impose an unrealistic burden on people."Freedom it would seem is an unrealistic burden that must be purged from society before we can all be free.-- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin The history of all countries shows that the working class exclusively by its own effort is able to develop only trade-union consciousness.-- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Under socialism all will govern in turn and will soon become accustomed to no one governing.Historical data and quotes are as I remember them from "the old days" and are verified from my knowledge of Lenin's works.To the best of my knowledge quotes and historical data are accurate.

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-- Vladimir Ilyich Lenin One man with a gun can control 100 without one.

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