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Give it time, and an hour or two later the girls may be dancing on the tables and chairs without abandon.As a result of the group dynamic, it can be hard for travelers to meet Colombians at bars and clubs.The best approach is to be friendly and straightforward.The guys should ask a girl to dance, or start a casual conversation.For both men and women, jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers are fine.Colombian women take great care in their appearance, and tend to dress up more then the men.

At the start of the night (9 – 11 PM), everyone will be inside the bar or discoteca drinking and talking within their social groups.

Or at least a proper first date (dinner, drinks, dancing, movie), before things get physical.

All men, both Colombian and foreign, should be on high alert for women using them for their money.

Arrive early (before 11 PM) to get a good table at discotecas on the weekends, and avoid any lines at the popular places.

Closing times vary by location, however most regular bars close by 2 AM, while discotecas stay open until 4 AM, with some late, late night venues in big cities staying open until dawn.

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