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A surprising amount of people are totally confused, and then a few even but play along.I now think “plays along with Harry Potter references” should go on any “must” list for potential suitors. And this one is almost too good to be true, but we’re curious about what happened after the socks: As we know with the sometimes tragic world of Harry Potter, not everything goes the way we might want.In the wizarding world, many couples have been married, such as Arthur Weasley and Molly Prewett, and James Potter and Lily Evans.Molly Weasley claimed that during the First Wizarding War many people were "rushing into" marriage in the worry that they may not be able to do it in the near future lest they were killed.We have found new, unpublished series about Harry, Ron, Hermione and her huge titted mother.Harry has been invited to Ron Weasleys house during vacation, where he met Hermione’s milf…

Well today we’re here to talk about a new trend in the online dating world that goes beyond name-dropping your #1 David Lynch quotes. Well, the Tindr HP results are pretty stunning, you guys.

From summoning phone numbers, to comparing guys to giant squids, to having their orbs interpreted — the Harry Potter-infused Tinder messages can get pretty interesting. Here, a lady named Rena shuts down a guy with this epic burn: And for even more magical fun, the folks over at Mashable created Tinder profiles for our favorite HP characters; but the real question is, will you swipe your wand left or right? Harry gets right down to it: Dumbledore is a little sassier than we might want him to be: Hermione instantly wins our hearts, duh: And if you’re feeling like flirting with serious danger: The verdict: If you ever want to really test to see if you’re a match with someone online throw a Harry Potter reference their way.

If it goes anything like that Rena convo, they might be worth an IRL meeting.

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