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My book is unique since it is up to date, reflecting events as of April 2013 and also provides the first information in print on some new and disturbing discoveries about Joseph Smith.

Review found on Amazon by Michael Oborn: The title of this book, The MORMON Delusion, Volume 1, and the four companion volumes, The MORMON Delusion, Volume's 2, 3, 4, and 5 are aptly named.

The impression that hit me the hardest after finishing this first of 5 volumes is how thorough the Mormon Church indoctrinates its members.

It is a conditioning that begins at the cradle forming a cognitive focus incapable of seeing its own limitations.

Not only are membership numbers inflated, generally, but the crisis is deeper than the paragraph implies.

My publisher has already agreed to change the wording at the first opportunity. I would love to hear whether you think the Mormon Church is changing its view on God, in relation to the doctrine of exaltation.

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