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So, at many points in my life I’ve felt like an oddity, unsure of where I belong and which groups I could identify with.

Sc BIOTECHNOLOGY and currently working in BIOCON as a RESEARCH ASSISTANT in BANGALORE but i will continue my master degree. My son enjoys Cooking, Interior Decoration, Photography, Bikes / Cars, Driving, Religion and Technology. I registered on this wonderful site and I met my wife Dr. Hopefully, in the next few articles in this series, I can shed more light on this small religious community, whose headquarters are based in Mumbai India in the Bhendi Bazaar district, and whose followers are found the world over, including in the United States, where I was born.Mariya Taher is currently pursuing an MFA in Creative Writing at Lesley University, MA. Read more Hi, I had made my profile on and being on the website for over a year did spoke to few people. Hi I met a wonderfull girl, she is my everything her name is Shantal She is a wonderfull girl she is my heart beat my Life and the girl I was looking for I found everything in Her which I havent found so far in any girl I Love her I visited her count... 1, 2005 was our first contact with each other when I sent a request to Amber to have a look at my profile. We both knew what we were looking for and from the info. Dear Pooja, I've been a member of for almost a year now and my profile id is prashantgarg.I am friendly, fun loving, adore my family & friends, love traveling and hv visited many countries, i enjoy movies, music, good food & long drives, believe in enjoying life to the fullest......

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