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The first year of an imperial era is not in sync with the Gregorian year boundaries, and any day could be the first day of an imperial era.

For example, the current era started from January 8, 1989 (Gregorian).

You may need to go to the temple where your ancestor was from in Japan to get these records.

Less than 2 percent of these records are in the Family History Library’s collection.

In the shumoncho these people are identified only by their personal name and village. These records should include the majority of head of households for the time period.

You can find the names of collateral line relatives in these records. Pilgrimage records at the Koyasan temple in Wakayama prefecture and the Kotohira Shrine in Ehime prefecture are estimated to contain one million names each. The records can be found in the libraries of ten leading temples and shrines.

These records are used to find the death date and posthumous name of the person.Because they are scattered in archives, private collections, in the homes of descendants of village headmen, and even in some Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, you must search them out.These are records of persons making pilgrimages to Buddhist temples between the years 1550 to about 1870.Strictly speaking, the Gregorian calendar is in use from 1873 (Meiji 5) and other calendar systems were used before that year.However, the implementation defines the first day of Meiji as January 1, 1868, which is not historically accurate.

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