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The author who could incidentally claim such marks as 7.90 in the long jump and 6.4 in the 60 yard dash while in USA in 1971 gives plenty of details on the most important athletes from all over the world.

Many interesting asides, supplied by the author himself and others, enrich this valuable book, which also has many excellnt pictures. Comprehensive coverage of Latvian athletics for 2013, including records, results, athlete profiles and year and all-time lists with some colour photos, compiled by Andris Stagis.

It contains results of major meetings, 2013 and all-time ranking lists, national records (outdoor & indoor) for all countries and statistical profiles of leading athletes. 28 euros from the FFA, 33 avenue Pierre de Coubertin, 7540 Paris Cedex 13, France. (Also available: booklist with very extensive list of athletics books and magazines for sale). Deep UK ranking lists for all age groups in 2013, top 12 merit rankings, all-time lists, results etc.

Also a survey of participation trends in British athletics.

This meeting, housed in New York, has always preserved its name, although changing its residence several times.

The book offers plenty of detailed information on leading indoor stars and statistics of various sorts.

The book covers the 130 years of Scottish athletics from their first national championships to the present-day.

It concentrates in the stories of top athletes, with twelve extensive studies of the super-stars, starting with Allan Wells, Eric Liddell and Wyndham Halswelle, with some of these chapters grouping athletes at the nations most successful events, and ending with shorter proflles of 100 more men and women.

(It was in recognition of such a fact that the IAAF chose to stage its first World Indoor Championships in USA, namely at Indianapolis, Indiana in 1987).Featured in the January issue of Track Stats, the NUTS' quarterly magazine, is the most detailed career record yet of Paula Radcliffe, compiled by Thomas Hurst with the assistance of various NUTS members (9 of the 68 pages in all).The first race listed was the National Junior Girls 3k cross country at Leicester on when as a 12 year-old she placed 299th in .The book consists of three distinct periods - the early era (1849 1930), the classical era (1931 1985) and the modern era (1986 2013). For the most important meetings such as World, European and USA championships the author assures a complete coverage.The same is offered for historically important festivals such as the Millrose Games, which recently celebrated their 106th edition.

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